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Home Health Palliative Care is a unique medical approach, focusing on managing the patient’s symptoms. Buena Vista provides specialized in-home care to support the patients, whatever the prognosis. While on palliative care, a patient can continue to receive any medical treatments pertaining to their diagnosis and continue to seek curative measures. 

The focus of palliative care would be to enhance the quality of life in the home setting, while continuing to receive comprehensive treatment.


Our highly skilled, professional staff provides all the services of our traditional Home Health with medical services designed for a patient’s increased medical needs.

Understanding Palliative Care

Buena Vista palliative care goes beyond transitional Home Health services; It provides more specialized plan of care to support a debilitating diagnosis. Patients facing a life threatening condition may continue to seek medical treatments under the Home Health benefit. Our staff physicians visit our palliative patients in their home and work in conjunction with their doctors to alleviate pain or unstable symptoms. 

Enhanced counseling services are available to palliative patients and their families to navigate the physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Home health palliative care is a comprehensive treatment, focused on: 

  • Relief of pain and other physical and emotional symptoms, whatever the prognosis

  • While on palliative care services, a patient can continue to receive diagnostics and treatments such as: TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), radiation, chemotherapy, and dialysis. 

- Services

Buena Vista Home Health's professional medical staff can provide:


  • Ostomy Care

  • Respiratory Care

  • Pre- and Post-op Care

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • Home Health Aide Services

  • Dietitians/Nutrition

  • Medical Social Workers

  • Wound Care Specialists

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Medication Supervision

  • Intravenous Therapy

  • Diabetic Insulin Management

  • Wound Care/Dressing Changes

  • Catheter Care


      Not All Inclusive

- Eligibility

The palliative care patient typical has a progressive, serious and chronic illness that will progress. The patient has painful and unstable symptoms, which are serious, complex or life-threatening. The patient and their family members have decided to continue to seek aggressive medical treatments prior to considering end of life decisions.


The goal is to prevent and ease suffering as well as to improve the quality of life. If Hospice becomes a choice, transitioning from palliative care to Buena Vista Hospice can be done.

Medicare, Medi-Cal and most private insurance companies typically cover Home Health. Please contact our health care consultants and we will be happy to assist

Nurses visit as documented in the plan of care and are available for 24/7 emergency phone support.

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